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Mansion House, 3 Bridgewater Rd, Altrincham. WA14 4RW

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Our Wythenshawe clinic is located in South Court Business Centre,  just of the M56 in the Sharston area of Wythenshawe. There is a large car park at the clinic, with excellent availability to be seen three days a week. This clinic offers a relaxed setting for your aesthetics treatment and is Dr Rashid Bani’s usual practising clinic.

Our clinic is the perfect location for dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections in Wythenshawe. Dr Bani will work from the Wythenshawe clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. To book an appointment or find out more about our Wythenshawe aesthetics clinic contact us today or use our booking form.

Our Services

We offer amazing anti-wrinkle injections in Wythenshawe with amazing results every time. All treatments will be carried out by Dr Bani, who is a qualified GP with additional training in aesthetics treatments. Services that we offer include:

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

All of our anti-wrinkle injections use the most high tech needles to minimise bruising and soreness. Find out more on our services page.

Botox® Treatments in Wythenshawe

Following a consultation with Dr Bani we will prescribe Botox® if we consider it to be the most suitable anti-wrinkle treatment option.

About our Wythenshawe aesthetics clinic

Find out more about our Wythenshawe aesthetics clinic by checking out our FAQs below, including information and advice on anti-wrinkle and botox treatments in Wythenshawe.

What is the aesthetics clinic in Altrincham like?

Our aesthetics clinic in Wythenshawe is a full medical environment, meaning that hygiene and cleanliness standards are at their highest. This means you can be confident that your anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers will be delivered to a high degree of safety, offering you excellent results.

When you arrive at our aesthetics clinic in Wythenshawe, you’ll sit down with Dr Bani who will discuss your desired results. This will ensure that the best treatment and methods are applied to meet your desired outcomes. Once the treatments have been performed, you’ll be given advice on how best to look after your skin until your next visit.

Do you do Botox in the Wythenshawe clinic?

Following your initial consultation with Dr Bani, if it’s the most appropriate treatment option for your desired results, Botulinum toxin can be used as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Botulinum toxin is often referred to by the brand name Botox®, although we may use a number of different brands depending on a number of factors, all of which offer excellent results.

AestheticsDoc is currently the only clinic offering Botox® in Wythenshawe where treatments are carried out by a doctor. This means that you can be confident the results you receive will be to the highest standard, with patient safety considered every step of the way. To book your botox consultation, fill out the booking form today or contact us on 07786 263786.

How long do appointments take?

The time your aesthetics appointment takes will depend largely on the treatment that you are having done. It will also depend on the amount of areas that you’re injecting into or the area of the face in which you’re performing the treatment.

Generally speaking, appointments with AestheticsDoc will last around 30-40 minutes. This includes your pre-consultation, where you will discuss the range of treatments with Dr Bani. This ensures that you are clear on your desired outcomes. You’ll then undergo the treatment, before completing the appointment with a chat about aftercare to maximise the potential benefit of your treatment.

Opening Hours

Monday 10.00 – 17.00
Tuesday 10.00 – 17.00
Wednesday 10.00 – 17.00


Treatment Price
Dermal Fillers (One Syringe) £170
Dermal Fillers (Two Syringe) £290
Anti-wrinkle injection (1 Area) £120
Anti-wrinkle injection (2 Areas) £165
Anti-wrinkle injection (3 Areas) £199

*£50 additional supplement for male anti-wrinkle treatments.

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